Assessment and Examinations

(a) Homework and Tests

  • Frequent timetabled homework is an essential tool of learning. The Deputy Headteacher draws up a schedule for homework per class, tests, feeding back any problems to the Headteacher. Teachers must prepare to meet the schedule.
  • The Class Teacher keeps an eye on the smooth running of the schedule from the student p
  • All home-work and tests are marked, graded and recorded in terms of scores.
  • Teachers share the marking schemes or any other evaluation criterion with their students.

(b) Holiday Assessments

  • Holiday homework is given to students in all classes in all subjects, during the first, second and third term vacations of a given academic year.
  • Holiday work is issued in the last week of term, and submitted as per the agreed schedule.
  • Teachers mark, grade, record and provide feedback to students in the first 2 weeks of term.
  • Holiday work scores may contribute to the composite grade.

(c) Projects

  • Project work is assigned to students following a schedule and parents are expected to support the learners.

(d) Record of Marks and Follow up.

  • Teachers transfer marks for homework and short tests to a central Department record twice a term.
  • Department Heads discuss significant issues, e.g. performance shortfalls or outstanding results, and append their signatures to the records. Consolidated quality assurance reports are then forwarded to the Deputy Headteacher for comments and way forward.

Grading System for Continuous Assessment



Distinction 1

93 – 100

Distinction 2      


Credit 3               

75 -84

Credit 4               

65 – 74

Credit 5               

60 – 64

Credit 6               

50 – 59

Pass 7                   

45 -49 (44 -49- MTC)

Pass 8                   

40 – 44 (35 – 44 – MTC)

Failure 9              

0 – 34



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