3rd Term 2019 Greenhill Academy Secondary Teachers' Assembly

Written by Tobias Mugume.


The teachers’ assembly held on 23rd September 2019 was a hugely ambitious, stunning, over-the-top presentation and I loved it.

It was sparked off by a very powerful, heart-warming prayer by Mr. Musote Richard. Shortly after, a shuddering praise and worship session had everybody bedazzled off their feet and shouting at the top of their voices for the Lord. The heartfelt presence of the Holy Spirit soothed the atmosphere even more.

One of the accessories to this wonderful assembly was the well-trained presenters who exhibited their unmatched talents through singing and the exquisite dance choreographies. Notably, among the outstanding presenters were Ms. Kisakye Winfred and Mr. Miiro Henry as lead singers; Mr. Amayo Ronald who gave a powerful general prayer and Mr. Kamengo Wilberforce who summed the exciting assembly up with a riveting dance full of juvenescence.

The climax of the assembly was the performances that blew the minds of the entire crowd. The general song was beautifully presented in the various angelic voices and so was the age-old gold, Lingala dance which was a sight to marvel at by the millennials in the audience.


Amidst all this overwhelming experience, the teachers were smartly dressed in dazzling turquoise and peach dresses for the females and white shirts for the males. The ability of the teachers to display the theme of the week was encouraging and educative.

Overall, this was indeed a befitting beginning for the week’s theme: “Be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kind-hearted and humble in spirit!” What more could start a school term other than that?

Have a great term, May God bless you!



S.4 BLUE, 2019.

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