3rd Term Greenhill Primary School Buwaate Teachers' Assembly

Written by Ronald Wamuntu.

On the 19th of September 2019, the Greenhill Primary School Buwaate Teachers welcomed back their pupils in style with a jam-packed assembly themed, ‘GOD FIGHTS MY BATTLES'.

During this exciting assembly, the teachers showcased their music, dance and drama skills through various entertaining presentations.

The assembly was opened up with an uplifting Praise, Worship, Bible reading session and moving prayers followed by a couple of interesting creative dances. The teachers also showcased their amazing drama skills in a captivating skit teaching their audience about the importance of seeking God whenever one is faced with trials.

At Greenhill Academy, we take pride in who we are and it’s no wonder that the most exciting item of the assembly was the Gisu ‘Kadodi’ dance that amazed the pupils as they excitedly watched their teachers rhythmically move their waists.

The assembly was concluded by a speech from the Head of School and the Rector, Mrs. Joy Veronica Maraka who thanked the teachers for having outdone themselves and indeed setting the pace for the upcoming assemblies of the term.

To our teachers, thank you for the beautiful assembly.

Keep Extending your Horizons.


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