Ghosa Profile of the Month

Written by Tobias Mugume.

My name is Hamis Ssewagudde Mukasa, born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. I am a Computer Engineer (Punjab Technical University – India) by profession. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Executive at Namu Enterprises Limited, a business supplying and installing electrical materials ranging from domestic to industrial needs like conduits, electric cables, switches, sockets, stabilizers, lights, bulbs and fittings. I am also a real estate manager where I am tasked with managing a chain of real estate properties around Kampala which is something I am extremely passionate about.  I am also a member at the Lugogo Tennis Club where I spend at least one or two evenings in a week playing my favorite sport.

I joined Greenhill Academy in 1996 in Primary One. Back then, the school was made up of just a few hut-shaped structures on the upper part of the Kibuli Campus. It was my Grandfather’s proposal to join the school after coming back from Dar es salaam where I had enjoyed a lot of Scouting Activities during my school times there.

Little did I know that it was going to be a life changing experience for me… Greenhill was a place that harbored many cultures and races and aimed at grooming a well-rounded individual (I’m sure they still do).

“Milk tea” we used to call it, was a custom at break time and was always served with a bun. Those were very nice buns supplied by Hot Loaf Bakery and milk from JESA farm; which places we eventually visited during our school trips. I did not like milk and the most captivating part of my break time was having to go the sick bay and get the black tea there. This made me create a special bond with the nurse since she was the one who served it. I can never forget her kind and warm nature every time I approached her.


Greenhill Academy was popular for its excellence in academics and swimming, where swimming was my biggest challenge while there. I dreaded the swimming days for sure and never wanted to look at the bus while it made its turn into the school gate and eventually Hotel International Muyenga, Silver Springs Hotel and at times Makerere University swimming pool. However, for a Greenhiller, it was a must to know how to swim and as I grew up, I came to appreciate the need for one to have this important survival skill.

I learned the ethics of keeping time at Greenhill Academy where I eventually became a time keeper. I remember learning more about time and its value on the job. A case in point was when I sounded the bell for change of lessons at the wrong time and a teacher found me. She told me, “Are you sure you have rung the bell at the right time?” I told her, “I’m sorry I’m late to ring it but I thought I should ring it anyway.” She told me, “If you can’t sound the bell on time then please don’t sound it all.” I learnt a very big lesson there.

My most fond memories at Greenhill were the Thursdays, when we had societies/clubs. They were so involving and we loved them – I was a scout myself, something I still love to date.

The lessons (safe to call them virtues) that I continue to carry throughout my career and life from Greenhill include time keeping, being articulate in presenting yourself, being social and above all the importance of a HIGH quality education which I hope to instill in my own children.

Long live Mrs. Maraka, long live Mrs. Wambuzi, long Live Mrs. Mdoe – the memories live on.



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